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As Founder/CEO for A1 Entities, Inc. a five year old Corporation founded in the great state of Florida.  The plan is to bring some interesting articles and opinions about things going on in tech especially the Raspberry pi.  There will be information from Electronics, Barcode, and Programming and few more areas like automotive and manufacturing and maybe even real estate.

There are numerous  entries were on the Raspberry Pi and Python, Tkinter.

Raspberry Pi Zero W board

Raspberry Pi 3 B decked out but the Pi 4 is here much faster many upgrades.

I recently released a new book called Raspberry Pi to Visual Basic Windows 10 IoT with many examples and explanations and the links are below.
Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic in paperback or in the ebook in Kindle are available.

Raspberry Pi and Visual Studio WIndows 10 Iot Book

Below is a video from the book Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic Programming Windows 10 IoT in Visual Studio Community 2017.

Check out our Raspberry Pi links in the Blog.

Take a look at the book on Kindle or Amazon, if you are interested in programming the Raspberry Pi using Visual Basic and VS 2017(Visual Studio 2017).

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Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic.

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