Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic

Raspberry Pi and Visual Studio WIndows 10 Iot Book
Raspberry Pi and Visual Studio WIndows 10 Iot Book
Raspberry Pi and Visual Studio WIndows 10 Iot Book
Raspberry Pi and Visual Studio

Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic is a simpler way.  I am about to release a new book entitled Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic.  You have many options with the Raspberry Pi. Windows 10 IoT was my choice after looking at everything available.  I felt this would be easier and quicker for me to finish a project, I was working on.  I still feel this was absolutely true.

The reason for this book was because Visual Basic examples are HARD TO FIND.  I found many C# or C Sharp examples, but VB sample code was no where to be found.    I decided to break down some C Sharp code, and use it in Visual Basic.  This book was the result.

Visual Basic is being pushed down in importance by Microsoft from what I am hearing.   I really do not get it.    Visual Basic is known as the easiest and quickest product to learn in programming that Microsoft produced.  It has one of the biggest user bases.  I would think it was perfect for learning to work with the Pi and to complete your first project, outside of he PI and Raspbian using Python.

If you already know C sharp, then I guess you need to keep doing it.  For the rest of us, let us use Visual Basic.  It does compile to the same language or CLR-Common Language Runtime doesn’t it?

This is my first and maybe last book, unless there are request for revisions.

So now you know why.  This book will include easy examples to get up and running in Visual Basic with the Raspberry Pi 3 using Visual Studio Community 2017.  A few of the chapters are as follows.

Hello Pi-Hello worldish!
Hello Pi GoodBye Pi- a twist on Hello World.
TimerTest-Uses the Dispatch timer the building block for delays and timing
FileAccess-Shows the basics for Windows 10 Iot show a way to File retrieval, writing, and more
LEDLiteOn-Shows how to push a button on a touch screen or computer that will turn a lite on and off.
LEDLiteButton- Shows How to to use GPIO input and Outputs to turn on LED’s the basics of using this for anything electronics
SQLAccess-The basics for accessing a Microsoft SQL Server database are explained.  Although I cannot give you a SQL Server database to test with this should be helpful.   I have done it very easily using my MS SQL Server on the internet, but a more local is the reasonable way to accomplish this.

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Many tools and software are also explained and described in this book.  It should be a great reference.

This will be coming soon in early 2018.

To read more on the Raspberry Pi Foundation go to raspberrypi.org.  To read more about the Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic, check out my blog.  This post has a video showing on one of the examples in the book.  Go here to view the Raspberry Pi and Visual Basic book Programming VS 2017 example on YouTube.

Hello World VB Universal Style- https://github.com/shacksbiz/VB-Universal-Hello-Pi/