Raspberry Pi 400 Keyboard

Along with the Pi 4 group of Raspberry Pi computers, a new look computer. Much like the old Commodore 64 is a complete computer in a case. When I first saw it, I noticed the price was $70 and $100. The main difference appears to be in the equipment like USB-C power supply and and associated cables that will be needed.


Many of the same configuration that is in the normal PI 4 is included, but packaged in a different board that is part of the integrated keyboard. The keyboard is packaged in a 2.22 inch x 3.37 inch board. The unit also has a dedicated USB 2 port.

The keyboard has a way to turn the unit off and on with Fn+F19 port. Pressing them for two seconds turns power back on. The keyboard has slotts as you can see for a cable to breadboard for projects and two USB 3 and one USB 2 port. HDMI mini 4K dual ports, network port RJ45, and wireless are also included. The normal microSD is nicely positioned, too.

This looks like a great present for Christmas. Add a breadboard and cable for electronics as it will allow one to use the GPIO much easier. Check out the sites below for more information.